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Fall/Winter fashion trends you’ll love!

Fall/Winter fashion trends: what we’ll wear the next season.

Fall/Winter fashion trends: it’s still Summer and you are relaxing on the beach. How many girls want to see coats and jackets and to think about cold weather?

Probably no one!

However, while sales prevail, some new items appear in shop windows and on fashion magazines where top models show padded jackets and furs!

Do you really like looking for wool scarves, gloves, hats, while you are spending your summer holiday?

You’ve just put away your winter clothes and you have already to study new fashion trends. It’s not possible!

On the other hand Fashion doesn’t have breaks and new colors and shapes start to work in our fantasy before becoming new trends.

I’ve noticed some little “jewels” in the centre of Perugia. I couldn’t avoid to take a picture. It was impossible to resist in front of Prada and Miu Miu! The best of Italian Fashion.

I’ve preferred just some accessories to dream about glamorous parties and luxury events.

fall winter fashion red boots

Red patent leather boots with squared heels are so sixties! They will be perfect with short dress or mini skirt with a red patent leather maxi belt. Obviously they should be worn only with very “peculiar” outfits!

And what about the little black shoulder bag with metallic chain and inserts? It can be a real investment!

fall wiinter fashion trends red shoulder bag

You cannot think about Christmas: look at this classic red matelassé shoulder bag and these glittered golden mary jane pumps.

They will be so trendy the next Winter and perfect with red and black bags how you can see in this shop window.

These pictures show just little fashion details but you can be sure they will be so cool the next season!

Even if you are swimming in the blue sea and eating an enormous ice-cream, start to dream about your winter outfits with my post!

Unless you stress!


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